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London is filled with modern day nomads, and we, at Naissance Capital Real Estate count ourselves among them. London is truly one of the most international cities in the world but with that vast diversity comes a great need for housing.

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London's Projected Population Change

Data suggests London’s population is forecast to rise from 8.3 million to 10 million by 2031. London’s growing population and swelling working class citizens are in need for safe, clean, urban real estate. As London is steadily growing, technology, demographics and environmental issues are becoming new value drivers in the way its residents live. City officials, landlords and developers will become more innovative about how they design and build residential real estate, seeking to use space more efficiently.

Our team are the next generation of advisors. We are young, fresh and deploying an innovative strategy to acquire, and lightly refurbish, residential real estate in newly emerging segments of London. We pride ourselves on value creation and providing safe affordable housing to London’s nomads.

As the institutionalisation of the real estate industry has occurred through sector specialist operators providing asset management expertise and joint venture operating models, we aim to provide excellence in this prototypical structure for our investors. Our residential portfolios team aim to aggregate properties and create value from portfolios of scale as well as enhance troubled or undervalued assets.

Home is Not a Place, It's a Feeling

Welcome to Naissance Capital Residential Management

Home & Technology

Chezvuu is a technology-driven hospitality service offering professionally managed, short-term (daily, weekly) and medium (monthly) rentals across London. 

Signature Style

A Chezvuu home offers a signature style with comfort, thoughtful design and next generation technology at its heart. The key to our success is our forward thinking technology-driven management systems 

Location, Location

Our residential portfolio includes apartments in “up-and-coming” areas that have potential for refurbishment and value add. 
We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve on all residential marketing trends.

Smart & Distinguished

We select buildings based on strategic location and client demand. The flats are tailored to attract blue-chip corporate tenants and affluent international students, seeking small, well managed, highly specified, hotel-style apartments 

Leadership, Transparency, and The New Wave of Living

5 Step Process to Residential Real Estate Investment

4 - Leasing

  • Flats marketed for lease on short term leasing website and local agents
  • Screening process for prospective tenants 6 months or greater includes: reference investigation, credit reports, criminal history verification, and deposit. Short term tenants via online booking mangers are required a deposit for the reservation.
  • Payment available onsite

5 - Property Management

  • Naissance Chezvuu Management team manages all requirements from start to finish. Chezvuu manages utility bills and council tax.
  • Responsibility for accurate and efficient rental payment collection
  • Reporting responsibility that includes taxes
  • Real-time review of leasing, portfolio and asset-level performance online
Working Hard In The Markets, Making A Difference

Our Team Of Experts

Azeemeh Zaheer

Kristina Simrova

Farah Ispahany

Katherine Scott

Joanne Cooke

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